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 NCX VPS® Powered By Openstack

NCX is a premier provider of cloud infrastructure solutions utilizing Openstack™, an open source cloud computing platform originally created by industry leaders Rackspace and NASA. Currently Openstack™ acknowledges contributions from over 190 industry leading companies that include IBM, Dell, HP and Red Hat. As a result of the open nature used to develop this technology, Openstack™ offers many advantages over other closed cloud platforms which originally dominated the market place.
NCX VPS® provide a compute and network environment that is just like a traditional hardware-based server farm -- without the high capital investment, ongoing maintenance costs, labor investment and lack of flexibility. With NCX VPS® you will be able to create, scale and delete servers as you need them to enable new business ventures and lower your total cost of IT ownership.

Complete Infrastructure

Your NCX VPS® Servers come ready to work and are able to support both Linux and Microsoft operating systems.  NCX VPS® have an internal IP address (to communicate with other Cloud Servers without incurring bandwidth charges) and an external IP address (for production and administrative access). A software firewall protects each Cloud Server. Load Balancers are used to optimize performance and everything is managed from one centralized, easy-to-use Management Console.
NCX VPS® allow you to get out of the business of server procurement, installation and maintenance and more into your business. By shifting IT resources from Capitol Expense to Operating Expense, you can enable new business ventures and make current corporate operations more cost-efficient.

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