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Replication Service

Replication is the process of sharing and synchronizing information between redundant resources, such as software or hardware components, to improve reliability, fault-tolerance, or accessibility.

Our replication software keeps any amount of data synchronized in real time, either one way or multi-directionally, among any number of sites and servers.

Data Protection:

This service offers you a reduced recovery window and increased DASD utilization; a faster, more effective restore process; and a reduced or eliminated lag time for movement of the data (improves Recovery Point Objective).

Disaster Tolerance:

This service offers potential remote vaulting/mirroring over longer distance; no single point of failure; increased availability, including path fail-over; and ability to increase distance between servers (which helps fulfill business continuity requirements).

Storage Consolidation:

This improves storage asset utilization; provides capacity on demand; reduces management cost; and scales with storage growth.

Data Sharing and Access:

This allows any-to-any access with a single view of data; reduces need for warehouse-type storage of tapes (pickup truck access method); improves data integrity and security; and improves tape recall time
True real-time lock coherence means there is no chance of file conflicts, nor are there ever old files at any site. This is true no matter where changes are made.


A storage replication service is a managed service in which stored or archived data is duplicated in real time over a storage area network (SAN). Other terms for this type of service include file replication, data replication, and remote storage replication. The expression can also refer to a program or suite that facilitates such duplication. A storage replication service provides an extra measure of redundancy that can be invaluable if the main storage backup system fails. Immediate access to the replicated data minimizes downtime and its associated costs. The service, if properly implemented, can streamline disaster recovery processes by generating duplicate copies of all backed-up files on a continuous basis.

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