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NCX E-Mail Features

NCX now has web-based E-mail and personal web page management. Many new features have been added to make your E-mail and personal web page experience more enjoyable.

All of the below features can be accessed via the web mail interface located at
•Mailbox Size Increased to 10 mg
•Personal Web Sites Web-Based Management Interface
•RPOP3 - Remote E-mail Retrieval
• Individually Customizable Filters
•Vacation Messages
•Automated Virus Scanning

E-Mail Settings Information for NuNet, Inc. Customers

The incoming (POP3) server is  POP3.NNI.COM
The outgoing (SMTP) server is SMTP.NNI.COM

We no longer support relaying on our mail servers. What this means is that unless you are a NCX customer that is dialed into a NCX local access number, you will not be able to use our mail servers to send mail. If you are a customer that uses another ISP to connect into NCX, you will need to use their outgoing SMTP mail server.

Mailboxes Now 10 Megabytes!

NCX has decided to increase the size of mailboxes to accommodate our customers who are mailing pictures and files. Often times this would cause a full mailbox message. Although you do have a larger mailbox it is still NCX policy that this is temporary storage and you should have your mail client remove mail from the server.

Note: All mailboxes not used for a period of 90 days may be deleted from the system.

Personal Web Sites New Web-Based Management Interface

Your free personal web spaces are now 10 megabytes!

To upload files to the your website simply go the web based E-mail ( login and click the website link. You then use the browse button to find the files on your hard drive. Select them one at a time and upload them to the server. In order for your site to be seen the first page must be named default.html. All web pages must have the .html extension. Graphics and other files (.jpg, .gif, .zip, .css, etc.) do not need to end in .html.

To view your site all you need to do is go to

Note: that your_E-mail_name is what is before the @ sign in your E-mail address. If your E-mail address is then your web site is If your E-mail address is then your web site is

To get access to individual files type You can also see a list of all your files by going to You will be prompted for your_E-mail_name and password.

You can find further instructions for creating personal web sites here:  Personal Web Page Setup

RPOP3 - Remote E-mail Retrieval

This is remote polling of your E-mail from other accounts. It will not work for anything but POP3 accounts. This means it will not work for Hotmail or Gmail web mail. However, if you forward any E-mail to your NCX account RPOP3 will work. You can remove the mail from your other mailbox or leave it on the other server.

Individually Customizable E-mail Filters

This section is where you can create rules on incoming E-mail to perform certain actions like reject with a message, discard the E-mail, redirect the E-mail to another address, etc. You can filter on subject, to, from recipient and many E-mail parameters. Be careful when setting up your rules so that you do not block legitimate e-mails. As previously mentioned these free services are not supported. If you do require additional help send an E-mail to By using these rules you run the risk of discarding valid E-mail. Therefore, you should be careful when creating any rules. NuNet will not be responsible for any reason if you accidentally discard a valid E-mail. You use these filtering rules at your own risk. As always you can utilize the on-line help files by clicking the question mark button on the rules page.
• How to Configure Spam Filters

Vacation Messages

You can now set a vacation message when you desire. It is possible to create a mail loop with your vacation message. A possible result of mail loop is the complete fill up of your E-mail box. Always, be sure you are not setting a vacation message that will create an endless mail loop.

Automated Virus Scanning

Please visit our  Real Time Email Virus Scanning page for information and to sign-up for real-time E-mail virus scanning.

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