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High Speed Broadband Internet Access

Our network is designed to ensure the fastest and most reliable service to the Internet and our state of the art digital backbone provides the highest quality connection. This means you get a high speed stable connection with no repetitive disconnects associated with analog systems.

Business Applications

If you're a growing business, NCX DSL service is an ideal Internet access solution. NCX DSL service is up to 12 times faster than an ISDN connection and up to 50 times faster than a standard modem connection. At 25% of the cost of other dedicated services, you simply get more bandwidth for your dollar. And, unlike many other DSL services, NCX DSL service offers you the same bandwidth to and from the Internet for fast file transfers and web hosting. Our service is even backed by network performance guarantees.


NCX DSL is actually a higher speed version of ISDN which itself is an improved, higher speed version of older, analog dial-up modems. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network or the ability to combine voice and data on the same line. Unfortunately due to lack of any uniform standards or mass deployment to make it cost effective, ISDN never really caught fire. Between the additional phone lines and marginal gain in speed over a 56kbps modem, most users felt that it wasn't worth the hassle.

DSL vs. Cable

Cable modems are the cable companies answer to high speed data access. This technology was developed to provide video-on-demand or other high bandwidth services. The technology is sound but has quite a few inherent problems with the approach:
• Service:  A local loop of fiber cable must be available near all residences (this is not for business users) to use this service. The problem is the very small percentage of currently wired users (usually newer buildings or developments). This dictates that the cable companies must run inordinate amounts of new fiber that is very expensive to install and very time consuming. The cost to rewire the US with fiber is estimated at $400 billion and would require about 30 years to implement.
• Speed:  The cable users are set up as a LAN or Local Area Network to share a single fiber connection among the hundreds (maybe even thousands) of subscribers. As more and more of your neighbors connect and surf the Web, your bandwidth or line speed diminishes proportionately.
• Security:  Being on a Local Area Network does not provide for a secure connection for electronic commerce. Your connected neighbors will be able to intercept your credit card or other sensitive, confidential company data at will.

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