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Premier Dial-Up

NCX premier Dial-Up service gives you unlimited* access to E-mail and the World Wide Web. We provide v.90 access, free tech support and a guaranteed connection rate.

NCX Premier Dialup Service features:

•Unlimited hours online*
•No additional software needed
•Access numbers throughout the USA
•NCX guarantees 100% connect rate on the first try between 12 am and 5 pm and a 90% connect rate from 5pm to midnight
•NCX supports the most current modem technology
•All connections are PPP (direct connection to the Internet)
•Unlimited E-mail throughout the world**
•5 email accounts for free
•Extensive E-mail anti-spam filters employed by NCX at all times
•User defined E-mail filter and rejection rules
•Real time E-mail virus scanning available
•Web based E-mail available from any computer
•Address book available in web mail
•Free Home page of 10 Megs with sub-directories
•Home page accessible from simple web user interface
•No Pop up ads when logging on
•No Pop up ads sent by NCX

Corporations and Businesses

NCX can tailor custom dial-up services to meet your business's needs. We guarantee 100% connection success and that you will not receive a busy signal between the hours of 12 am and 5 pm.

With unlimited email and online hours, plus full news feeds with easy accessibility options, we can provide all your online communications needs.

If your company has employees that travel, NCX has local access numbers in every state, and options are available to get connected throughout the world.

*Note: Unlimited Online Access

Use of NCX services by non-dedicated access customers must be 'interactive.'  For all purposes of this policy and the policy letter mailed to each customer, you agree and understand that 'interactive' means that, (1) the Customer must be physically present in front of the computer or terminal and (2) the Customer must, at least once every so often, enter a command by direct physical contact with the computer keyboard or mouse, (3) you are awaiting a long file to finish downloading.

If NCX has reason to believe that a Customer is not using NCX services on an 'interactive' basis then, in that event, NCX may, at its sole option, and without further notice, cancel Customer's access, or suspend Customer's access or bill your account at $135.00 per month. In addition to the above, NCX may deem it necessary to bill your account for a dedicated connection fee at $135.00 per month for any past non-interactive usage that has occurred.

**Note: Unlimited E-Mail

**Your E-mail account is not to be used for unsolicited commercial mass mailings. This is called Spam, and will be treated as a commercial service if NCX discovers any user using E-mail for this purpose. This is not to say that if you have many business associates or friends you cannot E-mail them information. They would be in a voluntary two-way communication with you. You can reviews the entire E-mail policy in the Terms of Service Agreement.

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